Bug – Microsoft Defender ATP connector suddenly on status ‘unavailable’

Bug – Microsoft Defender ATP connector suddenly on status ‘unavailable’

This bug is fixed by now!


  I’ve noticed some strange behaviour today that the connector status for Defender ATP shows unavailable even though everything is set up OK.

So I took another look at what changed, or if my settings were wrong. First thing I checked was if the connector was effectively on. So in the Security Center (https://securitycenter.windows.com/) I checked the Settings – Advanced Features. And yes, the connector was still on. So this couldn’t be the issue.

Next thing to do was checking back the documentation. Maybe something changed. But no luck finding anything there. My configuration profile was ok. But that shouldn’t have any impact on the ‘Connector Status’ anyway. So, what could this be? Did my machines not check in anymore? But no, in the Security Center – Devices. My machines checked in correctly today. They were still sending data over.

So as we can see, nothing is going on. Device checks in, is still sending data over. So I went back to the Device Management Portal. But in stead of going to the Endpoint Security blade, now I went to check the Tenant Administration blade. There we can select ‘Connectors and Tokens’ and we can select Microsoft Defender ATP. And as you can see there, the connector is indeed OK. All my settings are still applied.

So there is at the moment a bug with the Microsoft Defender ATP blade in Endpoint Security. Let’s hope Microsoft fixes this asap…