Whats new in Windows Insider – Preview Build 19619

Whats new in Windows Insider – Preview Build 19619

Another blog post in the What’s new Windows Insider Build 19619 series!

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1. Easy access to COVID-19 info in your search box

Now you can quickly access timely, trusted information about the coronavirus pandemic using the search bar in Windows. Starting this week, you’ll see a coronavirus info banner in Search Home.

The Bing COVID-19 Tracker info banner in Search Home.

Select View interactive map for fast access to the Bing COVID-19 Tracker, updated daily with the latest information both locally and around the globe. As you explore the tracker, you’ll also see stories from each region, as well as contact info for local and national health resources. It’s a comprehensive way to monitor the situation close at home and abroad.

You can also select See headlines on our COVID-19 module to launch the latest coronavirus news on MSN and explore news from across the country.

In challenging times like this, it’s important to stay informed. So far, we’ve shipped this feature in 33 markets. If you’d like to dismiss it, select the X in the corner.


2. Control your music and audio from within the Your Phone app

Key features:

  • See and interact with the audio apps playing from your smartphone.
  • Audio title track details are displayed and remain in sync with what’s playing on your phone.
  • Control your tracks from your PC, including play, pause, previous/next.
  • Switch between multiple sources using the dropdown in the audio player.

Screen showing audio player controls within the Your Phone app.


3. Audio player control requirements

  • A PC running Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later. However, we always recommend updating to the latest version.
  • Android phone running 7.0+.
  • Apps that support media controls in their Android notifications. Some examples of popular apps that are supported include Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Xiami Music, and Google Podcast.
  • Show audio currently playing from my phone will be turned on by default in the Your Phone app settings if Your Phone Notifications permissions are granted.
  • Individual audio apps require notifications permissions granted on your Android phone. Turn these on through Android Settings > Notifications > select the audio app > turn Notifications on.


4. General changes & improvements

If the Sync button under Settings > Time & Language > Time fails due to network connectivity, the error now tells you that’s the issue.


So don’t forget to enroll in the Windows Insider Program and choose a Ring. If you want the more stable builds, choose the Slow Ring or the Release Preview. If you want the fastest new features, choose the Fast Ring.


Happy testing!


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