Windows Insider Ring Intune

Windows Insider Ring Intune

This article will describe how to setup a windows insider ring in Intune.


  • Azure AD Joined MEM Intune managed devices
  • 1 Windows Production Update Ring


  • Use the Windows Insider Program to create a first update ring for a few fixed devices

Windows Update for Business enables IT administrators to keep the Windows 10 devices in their organisation always up to date with the latest security defences and Windows features by directly connecting these systems to Windows Update service. You can use Group Policy or MDM solutions such as Microsoft Intune to configure the Windows Update for Business settings that control how and when Windows 10 devices are updated. Specifically, Windows Update for Business allows for control over update offering and experience to allow for reliability and performance testing on a subset of systems before rolling out updates across the organisation as well as a positive update experience for those within your organisation. More info on Windows Update for Business here.

With the Windows Insider for Business Program organisations can preview the next Windows security, management and productivity features, install and manage Insider Preview builds throughout your organisation. You can accelerate your Windows deployment and use Insider Preview builds to validate your apps and infrastructure ahead of the next public Windows release. You can improve Windows for your business and find out how to submit and track feedback on behalf of your organisation to help shape Windows for your specific business needs. And at last you can off course benefit from the Windows Insider tech community. More info on the Windows Insider Program here.


1. Create a new security group containing your Insider users

Navigate to Groups – New Group – Create a new group

Add 1 or multiple test users to this group. The users in this group will get the Windows Insider Preview Builds.


2. Create a Windows Insider Update Ring in Intune

Navigate to Devices – Windows 10 Update Rings – and lets create a New Ring

Servicing Channel: we can choose between Insider Fast, Insider Slow or Release Preview.

Insider Fast: if the build passes all the Selfhost checkpoints, this is when Insiders in the Fast ring will see the build for the first time. The normal cadence to the Fast ring is approximately once a week, though they do release about twice a week towards the end of a development cycle. These builds tend to be not that stable.

Insider Slow: Ii it makes it past Fast, and it works well in the Microsoft ring, it then gets pushed to the Slow ring. This is the ring for those who like to receive preview builds, but who are more averse to risks. It’s a great opportunity to test out new features and functionality ahead of time, but with a bit more stability than what is found in the Fast ring. These builds tend to be more stable for testing.

Insider Release Preview: Finally, there is the Release Preview ring. This is the branch that is in the retail world that receives monthly updates, security fixes, bug fixes, things like that, and are released to customers. These builds are super stable and have very, very few bugs. This is the most stable choice for Windows Insider.

Your Insider ring should get assigned right:


3. Exclude your new group from the Production Ring

One important thing we can’t forget to do is to exclude our newly made Insider Ring group from the Production Ring. Otherwise this will conflict with 2 update rings assigned to the same user.

One important remark here: you can’t mix user groups & device groups when you work with excluding groups. Only works if all groups (include/exclude) are of the same type (user/device).

Navigate to Devices – Windows 10 Update Rings – select your Production Ring – edit – add your new group to the ‘Excluded Groups’.


4. End user experience

Your end user will get a toast notification and after clicking on it, it will ask you to reboot your device.

So restart your device. After the reboot navigate to Settings – Update & Security – Windows Insider Programme and verify you are enrolled correctly in the Windows Insider Program.

So now, let’s check for updates & let’s install the Insider update. Navigate to Settings – Update & Security – Windows Update – Check for Updates. You’ll notice the search shows a Insider Update. Download it.

Restart your device when it’s downloaded.

After the restart, verify if your device is updated/upgraded correctly. Right click the Windows Icon, choose System.


5. Remarks

  • You can still combine this with a Delivery Optimization profile, or if you have one set up already, this will have effect off course.
  • Best practice: use a fixed set of a few devices that will get this Insider Ring, test all your applications on it, this will help you accelerate your Windows Updates.


Happy testing!


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